American Perceptions of How the Trump Presidency Will Affect the US Job Market

The Trump administration is in full swing and everyone is wondering how its policies will affect the future of the United States. For those who are currently seeking employment, the question is how will the Trump Presidency affect the US job market.


In order to get a clearer view into how people feel about the current US job market, and the way they feel the Trump Presidency will affect the US job market; we called on the Opportunity database consisting of nearly 2,000,000 members worldwide. Then, we did a deep dive into answers from Opportunity members who are currently looking for work throughout the U.S. across multiple industries including but not limited to biotech, education, engineering, financial, healthcare and IT. We wanted to ask American job seekers how they feel the Trump Presidency will affect the US job market, and what they think the current state of the US job market is now that we are few months into the Trump Presidency.

NOTE: It is important to keep in mind that the majority of job seekers surveyed are currently employed (63%) and are looking for new opportunities mostly because they are looking for better compensation and growth opportunities, not because of outright need.