2017 Report: Mobile Phone Usage & Addiction Levels Among Business Professionals

Opportunity surveyed professionals from it's member database of more than 2,000,000 professionals worldwide to better understand the current state of mobile phone usage, the popularity of apps, and the increasing levels of phone addiction around the world.


Opportunity surveyed a subset of it’s more than 2,000,000 members worldwide to understand a number of of trends related to mobile phone usage among professionals age 18+.  Respondents came from all over the globe with the most replies coming from the United States (16%), India (14%), Kenya (6%), and Mexico, South Africa and Portugal (4%) respectively.  The overall breakdown of phone types (operating systems) were Android (61%), iOS (36%) and Blackberry (3%). Males made up 78% of respondents vs. 22% female – (note: this survey had a slightly more male bias versus the 65% Opportunity male population).   Lastly, the age breakdown of those who replied to our survey was as follows:  18-34 years (22%), 35 – 49 years(46%),  50-64 years (27%), 65+ years (5%).  Trends the survey hoped to understand included:  Phone Usage & Addiction, Popularity of Apps, Psychological Impacts, and more.  Below are the findings with additional obversvations based on a more detailed view of gender, location and age.